“Bring some tissues and a diaper, because your ass is going to be swollen.”

Bust Magazine

…Imagine Run DMC with a splash of Pretty Ricky and some thick Asian accents and you’ve got a good idea of the Notorious MSG sound. Since the release of their 2004 debut album, Die Hungry, they’ve been making fans’ faces hurt from laughing with songs like “Straight out of Canton”, “Dim Sum Girl,” and “No Good Muthabitch.”

…hell-bent on bringing more fun and danger back to popular music, these guys are just the hustlers to do it.

Time Out NY

…the charming yet virulent rap group, comprised of front man Hong Kong Fever, heartfelt crooner Down Lo-Mein and the silent but strong Hunan Bomb, are more accurately likened to Asian American Sidney Poitiers for our post-modern times.

…this bold New York Chinatown rap trio [is] challenging racist barriers in mainstream entertainment and revolutionizing Asian American media representation.

The New York Times

… the showcase promoted a number of underground Asian bands, but most of the audience at the Knitting Factory in TriBeCa on this Sunday night had come out to see a three-man rap group, the Notorious MSG, whose account of an unusual trajectory from the kitchens of Chinatown restaurants to the local stage was the big draw…

“It was an assault on the senses,” said Michael Nuez, 31, a freelance art producer who lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “Seeing them live, clearly, that is the only way to soak in what MSG are all about.”

Time Out NY

…While their look veers toward the wacky, there.s a serious side to Notorious MSG: its determination to illuminate the hard lot of Chinese immigrants working in Chinatown.s restaurant underbelly. .Americans don.t know it.s a hard life, very dangerous,. Hong Kong Fever says. MSG.s former drummer was shot to death last year while making a delivery. What.s unclear is whether the motivation was robbery or payback from the group.s gangland past. But the group feels his vulnerability was plain. .They see you on a bicycle,. D-Lo says, .and think you are weak…Howard Halle

BBC News Radio

…Sometimes, they wear matching Adidas track suits. Other times, black leather jackets and thick gold chains. But on the cover of their album Die Hungry, they’re wearing the uniforms of restaurant workers the world over: white shirts and black pants. Together, they make up the Notorious MSG.

…the response to the band is pretty positive. The music on their websites is being downloaded fast, and not just in the US… they’re booking more live shows and have already been on MTV, and they’re talking to Comedy Central about developing a series.


…The first time Gothamist spotted The Notorious MSG was at this year’s Chinese New Year parade. They seem to think we’re stalking them, so how better to stalk than to do an interview? If you want to see them in action, they have a show tonight at the Cutting Room.

…In 1993, we all left the ghettos of Asia to come to New York City’s Chinatown. We came here with a dream. And that dream is to blow-out people’s asses with our hot n’ spicy music. We recommend you clench your cheeks ‘cuz it’s gonna hurt.

…Our most ferocious weapon is the heat that we pack between our legs. Our egg-rolls are like homing missiles, and we have a full-lock on the vagina, captain…


…MSG is both an outlet for their rage at the system and a tool to raise awareness of the difficulties facing the Asian restaurant worker. But as you may have guessed, MSG are not hip hop activists. Channeling Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, NWA, and Cypress Hill all at once, they are satirists, brilliantly imploding notions of race, ethnicity and the American Dream.

The Houston Chronicle

…The group combines street swagger and sharp comedic timing on tunes Straight Out of Canton, Dim Sum Girl, Egg Rollin’ and Chinatown Hustler.

…Funny stuff, sure, and it earned the Notorious MSG prime slots on this summer’s Warped Tour and a sizable East Coast following.

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